A Granola Christmas

After several years of giving mainly toiletries from Crabtree & Evelyn or The Body Shop as gifts, I am finally departing from my de rigueur this year. I love those toiletries mind you, but, it’s almost like being liberated from all the immobility resulting from pregnancies, confinement periods, young uns etc. not that I don’t have young ones anymore, I still have the youngest one who just turned 1 last week.

So this Christmas, I decided to add homemade granola as part of my gift list.
A good baking buddy of mine shared a Martha Stewart granola recipe with me and it has been a hit with my family. The full recipe can be found here Maple Nut Granola .

I love this granola recipe. Not too sweet, barely oily and has a nice crunch to it. I look forward to my yogurt and granola parfaits in the mornings each time I make my stash.

Don’t be too focused on the measurements. They just serve as a guide. I increased the amount of vanilla and maple syrup, reduced the oil slightly and used 3 cups of rolled oats instead of 3.5 cups. I also went with my gut feel on how much and what type of nuts/seeds/dried fruit that I wanted to add. So far I have added almonds, pecans, walnuts, melon seeds, dried cranberries, dried blueberries and dried apricot. Any mix of 2 nuts and 2 fruits is more than enough, I find. You should have room in each bite to savour the tastes and texture each ingredient brings.

It’s midnight now and I have just finished packing my first batch of granola gift jars. Feeling very pleased with myself. Sweet dreams.


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