Last Minute Chocolate Cake


This is really last minute. I only started making this cake around 4pm for a dinner gathering that is to begin at 7.30pm.

Earlier on in the afternoon, I was busy making sugar cookie dough with the girls. Whilst that was chilling in the fridge, hubby reminded me that I promised the dinner crowd a cake. OMG. I conveniently assumed it was no longer required since it is not potbless tonight.

So I turned to my trusted chocolate cake recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson. Original recipe can be found here Nigella’s Chocolate Cake

Good thing I had leftover ganache sitting in my fridge. It gives the finishing a slightly more polished look not to mention the magic that ganache does to the taste of your cake, almost immediately.

I tweaked the recipe by reducing the sugar to 180g, doubling the amount of cocoa powder to 80g, and using 3 medium eggs instead of 2 large ones. I also made my own buttermilk since I didn’t have any sour cream on hand.

I personally find that this cake pairs better with a ganache rather than chocolate frosting.

For the ganache, do 1:1 ratio of cream and dark chocolate. In Singapore, single or double cream is hard to come by. I use whipping cream instead. Bring it to a scald, I.e on the brink of boiling but not quite bubbling yet. Pour it over chopped dark chocolates (I say at least 60% bitter) and let it sit for a while before stirring till the mixture is smooth and glossy.

If you wanna use it as a glaze, pour it over the cake before it sets. Otherwise you can wait for it to set further before spreading. Or whip it up after it has set and pipe flowers.

Bón appétit!

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