Hokkien Ngoh Hiang (fried meat roll)

Ngoh hiang is synonymous with Lunar New Year in my household. As far as I know it, my grandmother made it each new year. My mum didn’t make it but someone in the extended family who did would pass some over to us. Now that the older folks have either retired from the kitchen or have gone on to enjoy everlasting life in a much glorious kingdom, I decided I shall attempt to make this perennial favourite this year, from scratch.

I was pretty nervous about it at first. No doubt I knew the steps and main ingredients that are used, but I was wrought with trepidation that it wouldn’t turn out as I remember it. I hate it when I don’t get the taste at least 90% right on the first attempt.

During the few weeks leading to this festive season, each night I would imagine the taste of the ngoh hiang that I know and attempted to “sniff” out the”winning combination” and running through the sequence in my head. Well, guess what, I nailed the recipe on the head on my maiden attempt. Very very pleased with myself. Hubby commented that it tastes like those sold outside 😊.

As a side, whilst making those rolls, I was telling myself, what was I thinking when I decided to make this? It is a lot of work – peal, hchop, marinade, cut, wrap, steam, cool, pack, freeze till ready to eat, thaw and then pan fry before I can slice and savour it!!!!

For this recipe, I used minced lean pork, diced water chestnuts, chopped spring onions, 5 spice powder, corn flour, eggs, salt and bean curd skin for wrapping.

One batch that has been steamed, cooled, packed and ready for freezing.


End product after pan frying. Yumz.


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