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I had just an hour to spare before the kids are home from school.

I decided to make a batch of muffins, split the batter into 2 to get two different flavours – lemon (for me and hubs) and choc chips (for the kiddos).

– baking urge satisfied (checked)
– sweet craving satisfied (checked)
– tea time snack for kiddos (checked)
– chase the rainy day blues away (checked)
Many birds killed with one stone indeed. Pleased. Very pleased with myself indeed.

Still need a little tweaking to do. Not too pleased with the texture of the top though the insides are great. Shall post the recipe when I m happy with the result.


Chocolate cupcake


It’s been a long busy week. I have been yearning for a cake for the longest time ever. Cheesecake, chocolate cake, muffin, etc. anything. Somehow all the other sweet treats I had just didn’t quite hit the spot .

So I decided to make choc cuppies with the girls after school today. Compared to what is on offer at the shops with gorgeous swirls of frosting (I am not a big fan of frosting though) and fancy packaging, this simple cupcake is …… well, simple. Humble. No fancy schmancy name to boot.

I couldn’t resist it when it came out of the oven. It looked so smooth and inviting. When it cooled down sufficiently, my girls and I shared one cupcake. Oh me oh my, it was good. If you are looking for complex tastes, this isn’t the one. But if you are looking for comfort food that melts in your mouth, this is it. Had it warm so that was real good. Let’s see how the flavours and texture develop overnight.

Too tired to post the recipe this round. This soul is tired and is so looking forward to the long Easter weekend. A joyous time to celebrate what The Lord has done for us. A time for us to remember His grace for He first loved us. Thank you Jesus. All glory and honour to you!

Enjoy the pic!