Banana Muffin with Walnut & Cinnamon Streusel


Bananas. Small handful of walnuts leftover from a previous bake. Muffin craving. Put it all together, you get this lovely muffin that tempts you just to have 1 more.

I decided to do mini muffins this round. I didn’t have mini cupcake cases at home, only these mini soufflé cups which work as well.

I love muffins that dome so from past experience, I tend to fill my cups all the way up. For this recipe, I didn’t anticipate that it would rise that much in the soufflé cup. Good thing was it didn’t spill over but rose up tall, like a soufflé. I would think it would dome if you use the normal cases. Nonetheless, I am not complaining about the rise. Love it.

I didn’t have enough walnuts to incorporate it into the muffin batter. So I decided to do a streusel topping with it instead. The streusel does add a nice dimension to the taste of the muffin.

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