Doggie Birthday Cake


This is a belated post. Made this earlier this month for my youngest child’s birthday party. He just loves dogs.

Chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache and covered with salted caramel buttercream piped using a Wilton 233 tip to create the shaggy fur look.

I made a 9″ round cake as well as a 7″ round cake. I sculpted the cake as per below pic.

Then crumbcoated with a thin layer of buttercream and letting it set in the fridge before I started the artwork. It was a painstaking effort. Having a non air-conditioned kitchen and living in the tropics added to the already challenging task. Took me a painful 4 hours to decorate the cake (including making the fondant pieces) with numerous trips to the freezer for a quick firm up of the melting cream.

‘Twas a heartwarming masterpiece. Will I do I again???? Hmmmm…..



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