I am a working mum with young ones. I love to cook. I love to bake. Especially for family and friends. But I don’t like junk to go into my family’s bellies. So I tend to make favourite foods from scratch (to the extent possible whilst keeping sane with my manic schedule at home and at work). Seeing my family enjoy the fruits of my kitchen’s labour is enough to spur me on.

I draw my inspiration from anywhere, everywhere, from Jamie Oliver to Nigella Lawson, from my dining experiences at the phö shop down the street corner to a family run Italian restaurant in Chelsea, to one of the Top 50 Restaurants in the World or even the street foods of Asia.

I love my food, and I love the use of fresh quality ingredients. It needn’t be fancy schmanzy, but it gotta be natural with no man-made chemicals that may make it look and taste good, but oh what a wreckage it could do to one’s body in the long run.

So what’s my cooking and baking style – unadultered wholesome goodness with a modern twist, with the occasional pairing of east and west.


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