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Big Hero 6 Cake

“Hi, I am Baymax. I am your healthcare provider…..are you satisfied with your care?”
I love Baymax. This big marshmallow looking robot that is a gentle giant with a loving heart. What caught me by surprise is how much the girls love this show as much (if not more) as the boys.

My own kids were swooning (yes the older one was literally swooning) over Tadashi and squealing in delight over Baymax.

So it came as no surprise when a soon to be 6 yr old girl requested for a BH6 cake.

Made a 3-layer checkered cake (wanted to do 4 layers but it was getting very tall and I don’t want the figurines to topple over), crumbcoated with vanilla buttercream. In between layers are coated with choc buttercream. Covered in fondant. Figurines supplied by the little girl’s mummy.

Backdrop of SanFrantokyo with microbots creeping in from behind.

Added a little fondant butterfly on Baymax’s hand. There was this scene in the movie where he was gentle to a butterfly in the middle of his karate practice.

IMG_2510The only picture of the cross-section that I have.

Baking into 2014

Whilst everyone else was counting down to 2014, I was assembling a chequered cake for my BFF’s birthday celebration on New Year’s Day.

Decided on a pandan and vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream frosting. It turned out pretty well but not quite the level I was hoping to achieve. The pandan fragrance didn’t come through strong enough.

I squeezed out the pandan essence from pounding the pandan leaves in a pestle and mortar. I didn’t use any artificial flavour enhancer. Guess this batch of pandanus leaves are less fragrant.

Anyway, this is wishing all of you a Blessed 2014. May The Lord continue to keep you safe and bless you with wave upon wave of grace and abundance.