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Frozen Themed Cupcakes

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…..I hear this every day, several times a day, sung by my children. I was just waiting to see which one will ask for the Frozen themed cake first!


Everything on the cupcake is edible, (except the casing of course ). The pictures were printed on edible rice wafers. I cut outwhite fondant rounds and mounted the wafers on it to give it a sleeker look and to prevent the wafer from being soggy from the buttercream underneath.

Made pure vanilla buttercream with no shortening in it. Cake itself was chocolate cupcake with a ganache centre.

Happy that the children loved it all.

Captain America Cupcakes

It was a last minute request by a dear friend to make something with Captain America as the theme for her godson. Seems like the retail cake shops here don’t do CA cuppies or require certain quantities(and they ain’t cheap).

When the kids were in bed, the mice (aka mum) came out to play. As I googled for inspiration, I thought the shields should be easy to make and I could do so in a jiffy. But boy oh boy was I wrong. Getting the right size for each colour, making sure the star fits just nice into the bulls eye, letting it dry. And all these time my fingers and toes were kept crossed that the cupcake turns out well and the end presentation will make it a sweet birthday for a sweet little boy.

I tried out a new cupcake recipe for this one. I got the vanilla cupcake recipe fromThe Brown Eyed Baker. The only change I did to the recipe was to reduce the sugar in the cupcake recipe by 60g. See below for the ingredients in metric measurements.

Vanilla Cupcake Ingredients
180g all purpose flour
140-150g fine caster sugar
11/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
110g unsalted butter, room temperature
1/2 cup sour cream (I used home made buttermilk)
1 large egg @ room temperature
2 large yolks @ room temperature
11/2 tsp vanilla (I was very liberal with my vanilla. I think I poured in about 1.5 tbsp! After all, who can have enough of a good vanilla)20140603-214030-78030388.jpg


Chocolate cupcake


It’s been a long busy week. I have been yearning for a cake for the longest time ever. Cheesecake, chocolate cake, muffin, etc. anything. Somehow all the other sweet treats I had just didn’t quite hit the spot .

So I decided to make choc cuppies with the girls after school today. Compared to what is on offer at the shops with gorgeous swirls of frosting (I am not a big fan of frosting though) and fancy packaging, this simple cupcake is …… well, simple. Humble. No fancy schmancy name to boot.

I couldn’t resist it when it came out of the oven. It looked so smooth and inviting. When it cooled down sufficiently, my girls and I shared one cupcake. Oh me oh my, it was good. If you are looking for complex tastes, this isn’t the one. But if you are looking for comfort food that melts in your mouth, this is it. Had it warm so that was real good. Let’s see how the flavours and texture develop overnight.

Too tired to post the recipe this round. This soul is tired and is so looking forward to the long Easter weekend. A joyous time to celebrate what The Lord has done for us. A time for us to remember His grace for He first loved us. Thank you Jesus. All glory and honour to you!

Enjoy the pic!

Butterfly cupcakes

A Blessed New Year to all. I just realised that I haven’t really posted anything in 2014.

These days, life is hectic with all 3 kids at different stages of the education ladder and requiring me to be out of bed before the break of dawn. *yawn*

Just made these sweet little cuppies for my eldest child’s good buddy who just turned 7. It is a vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream. I made the fondant butterflies but bought the ready made sugar paste flowers.

I wasn’t really happy with this batch of vanilla cupcakes. However, all those who ate said that it was good. Maybe it is just me being critical of my own work or those people were being very kind. But I did like the chocolate buttercream though, even though I am not a fan of frosting. I prefer my cakes naked. That is when you can taste the real thing and not have it overshadowed/masked up by frosting.

For those of you who want a simple and fairly fool proof chocolate frosting that goes with almost everything and it can withstand the tropics and humidity, here is the recipe.

Chocolate buttercream

250g unsalted butter (straight from the chiller)
250g icing sugar (chilled beforehand, sifted)
90-120g unsweetened Dutch process cocoa powder (preferably straight from the fridge too. Amount depends on individual taste. I used around 100g)
Teaspoon of vanilla extract

If you are feeling lazy, just dump everything into a mixing bowl with paddle attachment attached and whisk on low until combined before shifting to medium and eventually on high till all well combined, creamy yet fluffy. This should be enough to frost a 7 inch cake.

The long method (which is what I did) will be to cream the butter till light and fluffy, add the sugar gradually, then add the vanilla extra followed by gradually adding the cocoa powder. The whole process should take no more than 10 minutes.

You can make this ahead. 2-3 days ahead if you are keeping it in the fridge. Be sure to whisk it before use. If you are freezing it, I say it should keep for a month at least.

Play around with the proportion of sugar and cocoa powder till you get a taste you like.