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Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Gong Xi! A blessed year of the goat to all my Chinese readers.
Let ‘s see what was cooking in my kitchen earlier on for reunion dinner.

Left column, top to bottom – roast pork belly (sio bak), fried Nonya ngoh hiang ( meat & prawn rolls), mixed vegetables with fish maw (hee peow), prawns and black moss (fatt choy).

Right column, top to bottom – stir fried Chinese leek with firm bean curd, braised double fish with yam, itek tim aka kiam Chye ark soup ( salted vegetable and duck soup)

All made from scratch. Recipes will follow. Time to hit the sack. Happy Year of the Goat everyone. Wishing you more awesome food adventures this year!


Big Hero 6 Cake

“Hi, I am Baymax. I am your healthcare provider…..are you satisfied with your care?”
I love Baymax. This big marshmallow looking robot that is a gentle giant with a loving heart. What caught me by surprise is how much the girls love this show as much (if not more) as the boys.

My own kids were swooning (yes the older one was literally swooning) over Tadashi and squealing in delight over Baymax.

So it came as no surprise when a soon to be 6 yr old girl requested for a BH6 cake.

Made a 3-layer checkered cake (wanted to do 4 layers but it was getting very tall and I don’t want the figurines to topple over), crumbcoated with vanilla buttercream. In between layers are coated with choc buttercream. Covered in fondant. Figurines supplied by the little girl’s mummy.

Backdrop of SanFrantokyo with microbots creeping in from behind.

Added a little fondant butterfly on Baymax’s hand. There was this scene in the movie where he was gentle to a butterfly in the middle of his karate practice.

IMG_2510The only picture of the cross-section that I have.

Doggie Birthday Cake


This is a belated post. Made this earlier this month for my youngest child’s birthday party. He just loves dogs.

Chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache and covered with salted caramel buttercream piped using a Wilton 233 tip to create the shaggy fur look.

I made a 9″ round cake as well as a 7″ round cake. I sculpted the cake as per below pic.

Then crumbcoated with a thin layer of buttercream and letting it set in the fridge before I started the artwork. It was a painstaking effort. Having a non air-conditioned kitchen and living in the tropics added to the already challenging task. Took me a painful 4 hours to decorate the cake (including making the fondant pieces) with numerous trips to the freezer for a quick firm up of the melting cream.

‘Twas a heartwarming masterpiece. Will I do I again???? Hmmmm…..



Banana Muffin with Walnut & Cinnamon Streusel


Bananas. Small handful of walnuts leftover from a previous bake. Muffin craving. Put it all together, you get this lovely muffin that tempts you just to have 1 more.

I decided to do mini muffins this round. I didn’t have mini cupcake cases at home, only these mini soufflé cups which work as well.

I love muffins that dome so from past experience, I tend to fill my cups all the way up. For this recipe, I didn’t anticipate that it would rise that much in the soufflé cup. Good thing was it didn’t spill over but rose up tall, like a soufflé. I would think it would dome if you use the normal cases. Nonetheless, I am not complaining about the rise. Love it.

I didn’t have enough walnuts to incorporate it into the muffin batter. So I decided to do a streusel topping with it instead. The streusel does add a nice dimension to the taste of the muffin.

Gong Hey Fatt Choy

The Cantonese greeting for 恭喜发财 (gong xi fa cai). A blessed Lunar New Year to all my Chinese friends and readers.

I have been pretty much out of action the past few weeks trying to settle everyone from young to old into the routine of the new school year, especially since the eldest girl has just crossed a milestone and started primary (grade) school.

How I wished I didn’t have to wake up by 5.30am each morning. Bahumbug.

Anyway, I’m gonna enjoy this new year break. I only made 1 new dish this new year. See my next post.


The Birth of I Cook I Bake I Post

Another hour or so before midnight. Kids are in bed. It’s Sunday soon i.e. gotta wake up early for church and the hum drum from all the busy-ness, I pray not, sets in.

Thought it is about time I start to blog my cooking and baking forays. I love to cook. I love to bake. Especially for family and friends. Seeing them enjoy the fruits of my kitchen’s labour is enough to spur me on.

I draw my inspiration from anywhere, everywhere, from Jamie Oliver to Nigella Lawson, from my dining experiences at the phö shop down the street corner to a family run Italian restaurant in Chelsea, to one of the Top 50 Restaurants in the World or even the street foods of Malaysia….I love my food, and I love the use of fresh quality ingredients. It needn’t be fancy schmanzy, but it gotta be natural with no man-made chemicals that may make it look and taste good, but oh what a wreckage it could do to one’s body in the long run.

So what’s my cooking and baking style – unadultered wholesome goodness with a modern twist.