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(No Bake) Green Tea Cheesecake

I had to use up the cream cheese sitting in my chiller very soon. Since I still had leftover matcha powder from my previous bake and frozen adzuki bean paste, I came up with the idea of a green tea cheesecake with a layer of adzuki bean paste and the biscuit layer typical of that in a standard cheesecake. Seriously, many of us probably enjoy the base more than the cheesecake itself. Right? At least I do.

The idea of a green tea cheesecake does yield a divided vote. Hubby and some friends think it is a strange combination. Whilst others say it rocks. The baker says the texture and mouth feel can be further improved. Note to self – thicker biscuit base next time.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can whip it up in no time. No baking required. Assuming that you have the adzuki bean paste made ahead of time, all that you need to do is blitz the biscuit base with softened butter together and press it down onto the base of your springform pan (or in my case, mini soufflé cases), then blitz all the cream cheese, matcha powder, some butter, cream and icing sugar together – voila!


Cream Cheese Filling
200g cream cheese
4 tablespoons matcha powder
150g icing sugar, sifted
100ml double cream or heavy cream for whipping

In a mixing bowl, cream everything together except the double cream till it is smooth. For the double cream, in a separate bowl, whip it till soft peaks form then gently fold it into the cream cheese mixture.

Adzuki Bean Paste
100g dried adzuki beans boiled with water till soft. Drain and mash or blitz with sifted icing sugar. Adjust your sugar levels to your taste. I say go with 50g first.

Biscuit Base
Blitz or crush 12-14 pieces of Digestive biscuits till it resembles bread crumbs. Add about 120 grams of softened butter and blitz till it clumps together. You can manually rub the butter into the crumbs with a spoon/fork. Press it into a 7″ springform round tin and let the sides come up a little.

Spoon the adzuki beans on top of the biscuit base and press down till you get a compact layer.
Next, spoon the cream cheese mix on top of the bean layer. Chill in the fridge for at least 3h or overnight to set.
Let it sit out for 15-20min before eating/serving.



Matcha (Green Tea) and Azuki Beans Cake


Another birthday celebration in the family. The month of July has me busy busy busy in the kitchen.

Decided to make use of my earl grey cake recipe but swopped the earl grey tea leaves for matcha powder instead. I like mine strong so I used 2 heaped tablespoons of the powder to steep in the scalded milk.

See the gorgeous green hue for the cake batter? The green tea aroma doesn’t float during baking. You will begin to doubt whether you are making a green tea cake or vanilla cake (even though it was only 2tsp of vanilla extract!). But fret not, the green tea taste comes across when you eat it.😉

I made the Azuki bean paste from scratch. I boiled about 120g of Azuki beans in water till it is soft. Then mashed it to the thick paste I want, adding sifted icing sugar to taste. This amount is enough to make a layer to cover a 7inch cake.

I made a dam using the green tea buttercream before I spread the red bean paste. This will prevent any “red” infusion in the buttercream.


For the buttercream I used a standard buttercream recipe but replaced the vanilla with 2 heaped tablespoons of matcha powder.

Cross section of the cake


Happy baking!