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Old School Marble Cake


My pre-schooler stepped through the front door, paused, took big whiffs of the aroma, shrieked in delight and rushed to the kitchen to check out what’s baking. That is the sort of reaction I received today when the marble cake was slow-baking in the oven.

There is something about old school bakes that just can’t be explained. I reckon it is the butter, the vanilla and the unhurried nature to how one approaches the bakes. No instructions about how you can melt something faster in a microwave (I am not a fan of the microwave oven and don’t have it at home!) or how you can make something ahead and warm it through.

I decided not to post the recipe for this as it is everywhere on the net. Instead, I just want to focus on the nostalgia such bakes exudes.

First bite, the moist and fluffy texture is akin to hugging a soft and comfy pillow. Next, the richness of the butter lends it that extra luxurious feel. Finally, the hints of real vanilla interspersed with the rich chocolate accents that has a slight hint of bittersweet in it. It is, simple (good quality) ingredients coming together to form an amalgamation of sensory pleasures.

I urge you to take a break from the contemporary recipes once in a while and rediscover the simple joys that life brings. À la bon vie! To the good life!